We make it easy to eat a delicious & healthy plant-based vegan diet!

If you’re transitioning from the Standard American Diet (SAD), then our vegan meal plans are designed specifically for you.

Unlike most of the other vegan meal plan services, we won’t try to make you go too far, too fast. We want your transition from the SAD diet to a healthy plant-based diet to be easy and delicious.

That’s why we reduce or eliminate oil, salt and sugar as much as we can, but not if it makes the recipe taste like cardboard.

You’ll love how easy and delicious our recipes are! And how easy we make your weekly vegan meal planning!

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Meet Amelia & JP

Amelia and JP - Founders of LottaVeg

Hi! We’re the founders of LottaVeg and we’re excited to share our delicious vegan recipes and meal plans with you!

Amelia is the queen of “fresh and delicious veg” so switching to a plant-based diet was easy for us. But after speaking with lots of people who want to go vegan, and those who have recently switched, we found it’s not very easy for most people.

Since Amelia loves putting our vegan meal plan recipes together and we both love cooking, we decided to start a website that helps people switch to a vegan diet by providing our vegan meal plan recipes for everyone!

We’re excited to share our vegan meal plans and vegan recipes with you. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your vegan journey easier.

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Plant-Based Nutrition Certification

Amelia earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies so she knows more than just how to cook amazing vegan recipes; she also knows the science behind what makes them healthy (or not).