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The LottaVeg Affiliate Program Can Help You Earn Extra Money

A great way to help more people eat a vegan diet is to become an affiliate and promote us to your community of followers. We want to make eating a plant-based vegan diet so easy and delicious that no one will have a reason not to at least try it.

Three vegan meals saves 1 animal’s life. That means the more vegan meal options we can put in front of people, the more lives can be saved and the less cruelty animals will endure. And our members will eat a healthier diet, too. It’s a win-win-win.

When you become a LottaVeg Affiliate, we’ll provide you with the collateral you need to inform your followers about our weekly vegan meal plan service. Then when someone signs up using your affiliate link, we’ll pay you a percentage of their monthly membership fees.

See Our FREE Vegan Meal Plan

You can view a totally FREE Vegan Meal Plan to see what they look like and how they work. No signup is required.

Free Vegan Meal Plan

Here’s How You Can Earn Recurring Income from Our Meal Plan Service

The Commission Structure

For meal plan members who signup using your affiliate link, we pay a 30/20 recurring commission for as long as the member remains active. That means we pay you 30% for every payment they make.

Plus, we pay you another 20% of the recurring commission for every additional affiliate you get to signup using your affiliate ID.

The Pricing Structure

We offer monthly, semi-annual and annual pricing plans to our members. Your commission is based on the pricing plan they choose, so if they choose the annual plan at $71.40, your commission will be $21.42 for each year they remain active.

A Hypothetical Affiliate Commission

If you get 100 people to sign up for a monthly membership to our meal plan service at $9.95/month, you’ll earn: 100 x $9.95 x 30% = $298.50/month in recurring income.

If you get 3 affiliates to sign up and they each sign up 100 people, you’ll also get 20% of their recurring commissions: 3 x 100 x $9.95 x 30% = $895.50 x 20% = $179.10/month in recurring income from your affiliates.

That’s a total of $477/month for this hypothetical!

There’s no limit, either. The more meal plan members and affiliates you get to signup, the more commission you’ll earn for yourself or for your charity. It’s a win-win-win-win. Everyone wins!

Get Started!

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The vegan movement is growing! Let’s help it grow faster!