Best Plant Based Books for a Longer, More Vibrant Life

Recommended Books for a Longer, More Vibrant LifeYour health and happiness are the only two things in life that you can (mostly) control. And without one, it’s hard to have the other. These are the best plant based books we’ve found (so far) that will help you become more informed about diet and nutrition, and how to better understand the results of scientific studies, so you can maximize both your health and your happiness.

Many of the doctors and scientists who wrote these books are not vegan. They still eat honey, condone animal testing and wear animal products. They simply eat a Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet because it is the only diet proven to be healthy for human consumption.

Some of the authors are vegan, but they only went vegan after conducting studies and/or analyzing the research and realizing WFPB is the best way for humans to eat. To quote Dr. Garth Davis, bariatric surgeon and recovering Proteinaholic:

“The strangest ‘insult’ thrown our way is that we are vegan and therefore biased. We are vegan because we believe strongly what we say. We walk the talk. In the end, a plant-based diet is the best diet to prevent and treat disease, and I can back that with tons of science. It also happens to be the best diet for protecting our environment from pollution and CO2. Finally, it has the added benefit of preventing the senseless torture of billions of sentient animals. If this is my secret agenda, then I guess I am guilty.”

You don’t have to go full vegan to benefit from eating a WFPB diet, minimize your carbon footprint and reduce the senseless torture of animals. A lot of people switch to this healthy way of eating, and later, when they learn about how animals are treated, start to adopt a more vegan lifestyle.

These are some of the best plant based books we’ve read, with mostly unbiased science and without myths or pseudoscience to support their claims. Proteinaholic even goes into detail about how to spot bias in studies.

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