Popcorn with Lime Juice

Popcorn with Lime Juice PinThis Popcorn with Lime Juice recipe is a great low calorie snack. The lime juice gives the popcorn a delicious flavor with minimal calories and some extra Vitamin C.

For oil-free popcorn, use an air popper (without the butter, obviously). Or, you can make it in a pan on the stove using 1 tbsp of vegetable oil. That adds some additional calories and oil certainly isn’t a whole food, but we haven’t figured out how to make oil-free popcorn on the stove yet. If  you know how, please let us know!

We learned about the lime juice trick on a trip to Ecuador. Some restaurants serve popcorn with lime wedges as a table snack. I don’t know why we never thought of squeezing fresh lime juice over popcorn since we love corn chips with lime, but it never occurred to us.

The lime juice gives the popcorn a tangy, almost buttery, flavor. It also gives something for your salt to stick to, if you like salt on your popcorn.

We recommend using organic popcorn.

Popcorn with Lime Juice not only tastes better than the conventional topping, but it’s also much lower calorie and healthier. Enjoy!

Cooked Rolled Oats

Cooked Rolled Oats PinThis Cooked Rolled Oats recipe is a traditional favorite and a hearty breakfast that’s sure to keep you satisfied until lunch. Enjoy topped with your favorite fruit and/or berries.

We like our oats and eat them a lot. We especially like them raw in our Rolled Oats Breakfast, but on a cold winter morning, these Cooked Rolled Oats are hot and satisfying.

Whole grains like oats have gotten a bad reputation from the low carb communities, which may be contributing to the leading cause of death among those who eat very little them: heart disease.

Whole grains, especially oats, have been shown in numerous clinical trials to reduce heart disease, prevent strokes and help with weight control. In fact, eating 3 servings of whole grains per day may be just as effective at treating hypertension as taking prescribed medications.

If you’re still a believer in the low carb fad diets, it may be time to revisit your preconceptions to minimize your risk of preventable disease.

Peanut Butter Hummus

Peanut Butter Hummus PinThis Peanut Butter Hummus recipe was inspired by a freak weather event in Atlanta. Amelia had travelled back to Denver for her day job and on the day of her return flight to Atlanta, we had 8 inches of snow, which cancelled hundreds of flights.

She was able to fly back the next evening, but the roads were slushy from all the melting snow and the temperatures were predicted to drop below freezing after sunset. Since her flight wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 8PM, we decided to get a hotel room near the airport so we wouldn’t have to drive back to Marietta on icy roads.

Amelia has tons of Marriott points from her years of travelling for sales, so we reserved a room at the Renaissance Hotel. It’s still not easy to eat vegan at hotels (or on airplanes), but they did have a few options for us.

One of them was a version of hummus made from a local culinary favorite: boiled peanuts. We had never heard of boiled peanuts before our stay in Atlanta, but it’s a popular appetizer on area restaurant menus. We ordered some at a restaurant with some friends and Amelia loved them, but I didn’t like them. They were too messy for me. I’d rather eat them as nature (and ballparks) intended…out of the unboiled shell.

Or in delicious hummus! Rather than go through the hassle of boiling peanuts and deshelling them to match the Renaissance Hotel’s Boiled Peanut Hummus, we decided take the easy route by using peanut butter.

Basically, we used our Classic Vegan Hummus recipe and swapped out the tahini with peanut butter, and it’s absolutely delicious! It goes really well with pita chips, apples, celery or your favorite hummus delivery device.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Vegan Mashed Potatoes PinThis Vegan Mashed Potatoes recipe is creamy and delicious. It’s also oil-free and the perfect topper for your Vegan Shepards Pie.

We used yellow potatoes, which gave the mashed potatoes a buttery color, but you can also use red or white potatoes.

We sauteed the minced garlic in veggie broth, but you can saute in 2 tbsp of olive oil to give the potatoes a little creamier texture. Or, you can also use vegan butter. We try to avoid oil in most of our recipes, but if these mashed potatoes are for a holiday treat, some vegan butter would be really tasty.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza PinThis Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza recipe was inspired by our 8 year-old niece, Madeline, who asked if we could combine her two favorite things: pizza and cookies. That’s her hand reaching for the center cookie in the picture.

Amelia happily accepted the challenge and created this absolutely delicious and decadent treat by combining my mom’s Vegan Pie Crust recipe and our Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

This recipe is so amazingly delicious that there were actually family debates over who ate the most and where the best hiding place was for the rest. In fact, tempers were elevated when I suggested I ate all of them. But order was restored when I retrieved them from my secret hiding place.

Most of the plant-based recipes we post are healthy, but there’s nothing healthy about this one. Life is short, though, and sometimes we just want a sinfully decadent dessert. Plus, it’s hard to resist an adorable 8 year old girl who asks for a Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza!

Grilled Pineapple w/ Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Grilled Pineapple PinThis Grilled Pineapple w/ Coconut Milk Ice Cream is great for a special treat, especially with fresh pineapple. Enjoy with a scoop of your favorite nice cream.

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits so Amelia wanted to make me a special dessert for me. She also has an allergic reaction when she eats raw pineapple…it makes her mouth burn. But when it’s cooked, it doesn’t bother her so we can both enjoy it.

We bought a pint of So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert, but you can use your favorite non-dairy ice cream or even make your own.

The warm tart grilled pineapple combined with the cold sweet nice cream is oh so delicious. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Vegan Grits

Vegan Grits PinThis Vegan Grits recipe is super fast to make, it’s filling and it’s delicious. Amelia’s mom made grits for us when we were visiting her last year and since then, they’ve become one of our regular plant-based breakfast meals.

Grits are a popular southern breakfast and side dish.  They’re made from coarse ground cornmeal or polenta, and Amelia’s southern family loves them. They like to mix in vegan butter (they actually use vegan butter!), but we prefer them oil-free with a little salt, pepper and some Tabasco or hot sauce.

Some people like their grits to be sweet, mixing in a sweetener like sugar, maple syrup or jam. You can give them a cheesy taste with some nutritional yeast. Or use soy sauce in lieu of salt. The serving options are quite plentiful.

Vegan Apple Pie Stuffed Apples

Vegan Apple Pie Stuffed Apples PinThis Vegan Apple Pie Stuffed Apples recipe is a real treat and the perfect fall dessert. I spotted this dessert on Delish and decided to surprise Amelia and her family with a veganized version of it. I didn’t tell them what I was cooking, but the delicious aroma of the apples baking in the oven kind of gave it away.

By far the hardest part of this recipe is scooping out the apples. I started out using a spoon, but that was taking too long so I switched to a melon baller, which was much easier.

You start by slicing off the top of the apple. I threw the tops away, but next time I make this recipe, I’m going to save the tops and use them instead of the pie dough lattice.

I didn’t feel like the dough added much flavor…it was just for the visual appeal. It was also hard to find a vegan pie crust as most contain lard. Yuck! We had to go to 3 different stores to find the crust and it was the most expensive part of this recipe. I think using the apple tops will taste just as good while reducing the cost and waste.

After slicing off the top, I recommend coring the apples with an apple corer first before scooping them out. You can go all the way through the bottom to make it easier. I tried to core the apples without piercing the bottom, but it was a real pain and I accidently went through two of them, but it didn’t affect the baking. When you set them in the baking dish, the apple and juices form a seal as they bake preventing the yummy deliciousness from draining out the bottom.

While this dessert is perfect for your fresh, fall apples, you can serve it year-round. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t enjoy this delicious and healthy (sans pie crust) dessert whenever you want to!

Red Bean Burgers

Red Bean Burgers PinThis Red Bean Burgers recipe is very flavorful and satisfying. It’s a delicious and nutritious vegan burger that’s super quick and easy to make. Perfect for a weeknight meal when you’re short on time but long on hunger.

The burger patties are very moist so they won’t do well on the grill, but they great on an electric griddle if you have one. We usually just bake them, though. They’re very flavorful as is, but you can sprinkle the patties with a little garlic salt and black pepper before you cook them for even more flavor.

We like high quality, whole grain buns, but you can use your favorite hamburger buns. Top them with some greens, a slice of tomato and a little spicy mustard or ketchup and you’ve got one delicious vegan burger!

Vegan Sweet Potato Fries

Vegan Sweet Potato Fries PinThese Vegan Sweet Potato Fries are sweet, savory, spicy and delicious! Dip them in our Vegan BBQ Sauce for even more flavor and spice!

We rarely use oil when cooking anymore, but we used 1/2 tsp oil for two sweet potatoes in this recipe. We’ve tried several recipes that don’t use any oil for potato fries, but the fries come out mushy and stick to the pan, while the seasonings don’t stick to the fries.

All it takes is a tiny amount of oil to make them come out crisp and delicious. The trick is to stir the oil into the uncooked sweet potatoes fries first in a large metal or non-sticky bowl to get an even coating before stirring in the seasonings.

I prefer my sweet potato fries a little soft. Cook them a little longer if you want them crispier.