Frequently Asked Questions

3. General Stuff

We sometimes get a referral fee for sharing recipes from cookbooks and other websites. This helps us earn a little extra money so we can continue to afford running LottaVeg.

We will NOT share or recommend something that we haven’t tried or don’t believe in so if you see it on our blog or a meal plan, rest assured that we’ve vetted it thoroughly (although we’re not responsible for your experience with them or any 3rd-party service).

This doesn’t apply to banner ads on the site. We don’t have complete control over those so you’ll see things we’ve never heard of, let alone tried. You may even see disgusting animal products on occasion. If you do, please let us know so we can attempt to block them.

Please refer to our FTC Disclosure for more on this.

Category: 3. General Stuff

Come on. You know we can’t do that and we wouldn’t even if we could. It wouldn’t be ethical.

We can’t guarantee anything diet related because no one agrees on anything. There’s so much corporate junk science out there that it’s hard to tell the good science from the bad.

We can’t promise any sort of health-related results from switching to a plant based diet. You may feel better mentally, but maybe not physically. Everyone reacts differently to dietary changes so be sure to speak with your doctor before changing your diet. Even though I changed overnight, that may not be what’s best for you.

Read our Medical Disclaimer for more on this.

Category: 3. General Stuff