Vegan Muesli

Vegan Muesli PinThis Vegan Muesli breakfast is filling and delicious. It makes enough for 8 servings so you can make it ahead of time and enjoy it for several breakfast meals.

We used whole rolled oats as the base, but you can use instant oats, rye flakes or your favorite breakfast grain. We also used coconut flakes, raisins and craisins for sweetness, and walnuts and sunflower seeds for a little extra protein and healthy fats. But you can use your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Anything will work.

Unsweetened Cashew Milk is creamy and delicious without many calories. The brand we use only has 25 calories per cup with 45% of your day’s calcium needs (50% more calcium than dairy milk).

Berries are a nutritious part of any breakfast. They’re loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Plus, they’re very sweet so you may not need additional sweetener. If berries aren’t your thing, sliced bananas or Healthy Cooked Apples also taste great on this Vegan Muesli.

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Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast

Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast Port PinAmelia got this Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast idea from her Plant-Based Certification program. We never thought to eat uncooked rolled oats before, but they’re absolutely delicious! They’re also very filling and last both of us all the way to lunch.

Think of this Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast as a hearty cereal. You wouldn’t cook cornflakes or bran flakes before eating them, and you don’t need to cook your rolled oats, either. We don’t recommend steel cut oats, though. They’re a little too tough to eat uncooked unless you soak them overnight using a recipe like our Vegan Overnight Oats.

We had blueberries, strawberries and bananas on hand, so we used those, but you could also use mango, papaya, raspberries, blackberries, dragon fruit, peaches, apples or your favorite fruit.

Dried fruit like cranberries or raisins are also good additions, especially if you’re out of fresh or frozen fruit. Some chopped almonds, pecans, walnuts or hazelnuts would also taste great. And we also like to add maca powder, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds when we have them.

We use stevia to sweeten our oats because we don’t have a lot of healthy sweetener options here in Ecuador. Applesauce is a rare find. Maple syrup must be imported from Canada so it’s about 4 times as expensive here as it is in the states. Blackstrap molasses is unheard of here. So is U-Sweet. Sometimes we use agave syrup, but it tends to be bitter here, so we’ve started using stevia. We encourage you to use the smallest amount of the healthiest sweetener you can find, or skip it entirely.

We added both ground flax seeds and unground chia seeds. They’re both good plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are really important for vegans to consume since we don’t eat mercury and chemical laden fish. Greger recommends 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds per day as part of his daily dozen, so you’ll get the whole amount in this one meal.

It’s important to grind the flax seeds or they’ll pass right through you without the nutrients being absorbed. Greger recommends grinding the chia seeds, too. Some studies suggest your body will better absorb the omega-3’s contained within chia seeds if they’re ground. Sometimes we grind them. Sometimes we don’t. You can just add both seeds to your coffee grinder and grind them up together if you want to.

We’ve also started adding amla powder to our oats in attempt to lower my cholesterol. You can read about my ongoing battle in “Can Vegans Get Heart Disease?” Amla powder is Indian gooseberry extract that has been used for thousands of years in India to treat all sorts of ailments. More recently, it has been shown to perform as well as two leading statin drugs at lowering cholesterol so we decided to give it a try. It’s too early to determine if it’s helping, but we’ll keep you posted.

Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast

If you don’t have any non-dairy milk on hand, you can use water or juice. We got this trick from Dr. Esselstyn’s book, “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease.” Ecuador hasn’t caught up to the states in the non-dairy milk category, so it’s not widely available. When we’ve travelled here, the hotels and B&B’s often have oats, but no non-dairy milk. They do have the most amazing fresh squeezed juice, though. I especially like fresh squeezed naranja, papaya and mango juice in my oats. Yum!

Despite the sheer volume of food contained in one bowl of this Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast, we sometimes still feel hungry after eating it. A glass of water takes care of that, causing all of the oats and seeds to expand in our stomachs, and makes this hearty breakfast last several hours without the need for snacking.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be the most filling while containing low glycemic foods that slowly release their glucose over several hours. That will keep your hunger at bay and prevent you from snacking before the next meal.

If you haven’t read it yet, we highly recommend reading “Breaking the Food Seduction” by Dr. Neal Barnard. He goes into great detail about the benefits of eating oats for breakfast in terms of weight loss and overall health.

Raw Rolled Oats Breakfast Cooking Video

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Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast PinThis vegan french toast is just what your morning routine needs. It’s sweet and cinnamon-y, and only takes a few minutes to prepare.

French toast was a special occasion treat in our house when I was a kid. Mom usually made it on Saturday morning while I watched cartoons, but only a couple times a year. The nice thing about this recipe is that it’s fast and easy to make so you can eat it as often as you want.

Non-vegan french toast is made with eggs, but we used the 3 tbsp of aquafaba (aka garbanzo bean juice), which is the equivalent of one egg. And this recipe achieves the same taste and deliciousness of regular french toast.

We’ve tried a few different types of bread, but we found that denser bread works better. It doesn’t fall apart when you dip it in the batter. The bread in the pictures and video is Dave’s Killer Bread – Blues Bread with Blue Cornmeal Crust. It’s organic, non-GMO, has 5g protein, 4g fiber…and it’s delicious!

We used maple syrup and a little powdered sugar, but your favorite fruit spread would also taste great. If you like this recipe, you’ll probably love our Vegan Pancakes or Vegan Chia Seed Pancakes.

HINT: Refrigerate your bread overnight to give it some extra rigidity so it holds together better when you dip it in the batter.

Bon Appétit!

Vegan French Toast Instructional Video

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Easy Fruit Salad

Easy Fruit SaladThis easy fruit salad takes only minutes to prepare but it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth every time. It’s full of color, nutrients and antioxidants.

This recipe uses strawberries, blueberries and kiwi (my favorites), but you can use any type of fruit you prefer. Just make sure you eat lots of berries because they’re loaded with healthy antioxidants.

You can also buy a bag of frozen berries or fruit to save money, and it’ll keep longer, too. With frozen fruit, just pour a cup in your bowl and let it sit for about 20 minutes at room temperature before eating so you avoid the brain freeze.

Mixed fruit makes a great, healthy snack. You can also top it with a dollop of plain yogurt and you’ve got a yummy dessert.

Here’s a video explaining the fastest way to peel a kiwi:

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Fruit Squares

Fruit SquaresThese Fruit Squares remind me of a Nutrigrain bar, only better. They have a coffee cake or fruit cobbler feel to them. Regardless, they’re rich and delicious and would be a great dessert to serve your non-vegan friends with a side of nice-cream. They’ll never know it’s vegan.

You can add a tbsp of hemp or chia seeds for extra nutrients. You can also use 2 cups of one kind of berry or try different combinations using different berries.

This is a high calorie recipe with lots of sugar so it’s not a diet food by any means. This is a special occasion treat or a party snack.

If you make this recipe, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And please share with your friends to help spread the word about healthy plant based eating.