Vegan Caesar Dressing

Vegan Caesar DressingSomehow, Amelia made this taste so much like Caesar dressing…that I still don’t like it. But if you like Caesar on your salad, this Vegan Caesar Dressing will do just fine.

The two main ingredients that give regular, non-vegan Caesar dressing it’s distinctive flavor are egg yolks and anchovies. Some recipes even call for Worcestershire sauce, which isn’t typically vegan, either.

This recipe uses cashew cream, nutritional yeast and capers to simulate the richness provided by the egg yolks and the savoriness provided by the anchovies and Worcestershire sauce. The Caesar purists will argue that there is no substitute for eggs in this dressing, but they’d be wrong.

Remember to make your cashew cream ahead of time so it’s ready when you want to make your dressing.

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