Chickpea Scramble

Chickpea ScrambleThis Chickpea Scramble recipe is a great substitute for eggs and tofu. It’s made with chickpea flour, which is full of nutritious protein and complex carbs. It has a similar texture to scrambled eggs while the Himalayan black salt gives the scramble an egg smell and flavor.

Like eggs, this recipe has a lot of protein. Unlike eggs, it has a lot of fiber and NO cholesterol. We sautéd the veggies with vegetable broth so it’s also oil free and the chickpea flour makes it gluten free. You just can’t go wrong with this delicious recipe!

Enjoy with a slice of whole grain toast or our delicious Oven Roasted Red Potatoes.

Vegan Cajun Chickpea Fritters

Cajun Chickpea Fritters PinThese vegan cajun chickpea fritters are delicious adult dinner pancakes chock full of protein and fiber. They’re also gluten free since they use chickpea flour instead of wheat flour. Although, be sure all the other ingredient you use are also gluten free.

They pair well with wilted spinach, a side salad or healthy veggies. Or you can do what we did and eat them straight off the griddle or as a main dish.

We used an electric griddle instead of frying them in a saute pan with oil, which cut down on the calories and fat a little. Plus, we were able to cook most of them at once instead of a few at a time.

We also drizzled our Vegan Ranch Dressing over them, which was yummy.