Carrot Dogs

Carrot Dogs PinAs Seen On: Good Morning Washington on ABC7

I’m not gonna lie. I was highly skeptical of these Carrot Dogs when Amelia pitched them to me. I mean really…how can a carrot replace a hotdog?

Well, they can and I’m happy to admit that I had to eat some vegan crow. These carrot dogs are delicious! And they taste just like a real hotdog!

Growing up, hotdogs were a mainstay in my summer diet routine. After hours of fishing and swimming on Gardner Lake in Kansas, I would venture indoors in the heat of summer, microwave myself a hotdog and watch Beverly Hillbilly reruns in the air conditioning while I ate my lunch. It was quite the idyllic childhood.

As an adult prior to going vegan, I rarely ate hotdogs. Once I found out what was in them and how bad they are for your health, I couldn’t justify them any longer. But thanks to these carrot dogs, I get to eat my delicious dogs once again! Thank you Amelia!

We used regular orange carrots for the video, but we’ve also used purple carrots and we liked them better. They’re not always available, though. We also used Whole Foods 365 Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns.

These would pair well with our Oven Roasted Red Potatoes.

Carrot Dogs Instructional Video

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