Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Chocolate Tofu PuddingThis Chocolate Tofu Pudding is a protein rich, chocolate peanut butter tofu pudding dessert. It’s been a favorite of mine for years and only takes a few minutes to make. You will need a blender, though.

Before switching to a vegan diet, this was the only recipe of mine that used tofu. Looking back, it’s odd that the only time I used tofu was in a creamy dessert. Now we cook with it all the time. Tofu doesn’t have much flavor of its own so it tastes like whatever you’re cooking.

We pour the pudding into small glass serving bowls, but you can also use small glasses or sealable containers. It’s best to eat them within 2 days or they get a tough pudding film on the top.

If you make this recipe, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And please share with your friends to help spread the word about healthy plant based eating.