Vegan Summer Peach Cobbler

Vegan Summer Peach Cobbler PinThis amazingly delicious Vegan Summer Peach Cobbler recipe comes to us from Kristie Middleton, Senior Director of Food Policy for the Humane Society of the United States. She’s also the author of the widely popular book, “MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live – One Meal at a Time.”

Amelia and I had the pleasure of meeting Kristie at a Humane League Gala here in Denver, and also at her book signing at the Tattered Cover. Her mission in life and with the Humane Society is to help people transition to a “meatless” diet.

With tons of recipes like this Vegan Summer Peach Cobbler in her book, she’s doing a great job of showing people how to eat a more humane diet without sacrificing any of the flavor they’re used to with more traditional, less humane ingredients.

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If you’re concerned about your oil and salt intake, you can reduce the vegan butter by half and eliminate the salt. We made it both ways and it was delicious both ways.

Note: This is not a health food recipe. It’s meant to be a rare, special occasion treat. If you’re trying to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, just eat the peaches and skip the cobbler.

MeatLess by Kristie Middleton

Kristie-Middleton-Meatless_cover_lo A great resource to have in every transitioning vegan kitchen!

This book is loaded with concrete rationale for reducing or eliminating meat from your diet, as well as showing you how to make the transition easier. Kristie provides substitutes for common animal ingredients and dozens of plant-based recipes that will tease the tastebuds of any standard American food eater.

You don't have to sacrifice flavor for compassion. You can have both!