Herbed Tomatoes

Herbed TomatoesMy mom made these Italian herbed tomatoes for me as a kid and I loved them! This was one of the first veggie dishes I ate. It has a lot of flavor and she peeled the tomato skins off, which my childhood palette really appreciated. As an adult, the skins don’t bother me and they pack a lot of extra phytonutrients so leave them on if you want to.

Mom made these with lots of olive oil, but now that we have a much better understanding of how oil harms our arteries, I changed the recipe to omit it. That will change the flavor a bit, but your heart will thank you.

You can serve these tomatoes as a standalone side dish or serve them over your leafy green salad as a delicious dressing.

If you make this recipe, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And please share with your friends to help spread the word about healthy plant based eating.