Soy Free Vegan Recipes

Easy Black Bean Soup PinEating a soy free vegan diet can be challenging. Tofu is a mainstay for many vegan eaters so cutting it out eliminates a lot of recipe options. Soy sauce and miso are also out, but those are easier to replace so you might not notice their absence.

There are a lot of soy free vegan recipes, as well as soy substitutes to make your vegan recipes soy free. It’ll take a little extra work and planning, but you can certainly eat a healthy, delicious diet without soy.

With all of that said, organic soy is a healthy food. People in Asia have been eating soy and tofu for thousands of years, and they were some of the longest-lived, healthiest people on earth until we introduced them to the western diet. Now they’re just as unhealthy as the rest of the western dieters.

Most of the soy myths were manufactured when soy milk started eating away at the profits of the dairy industry. If you believe soy is unhealthy, your beliefs were probably formed in part by the bogus science put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation. This organization is a front for the dairy industry and they manufacture “scientific” studies to raise doubt about the harmful effects of dairy and the healthful effects of dairy’s competitors, mainly soy.

If you’re vegan or WFPB and still believe soy is unhealthy, I hope you’ll look at the evidence to the contrary with an open mind. It’s time to let go of the myths manufactured and promoted by people eating unhealthy diets.

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