Can I get enough calcium on a plant based diet?

Yes. Some vegetables have calcium, and most non-dairy milks like soy, oat, almond milk and the other nut milks are fortified with calcium. In fact, the cashew milk I prefer has 40% more calcium than dairy milk.

You should get your levels tested by your doctor if you’re concerned about it, but most people need far less calcium when eating a plant based diet than those who consume dairy. It seems counterintuitive thanks to the decades of false and misleading diary ads, but it’s true.

Dairy leaches calcium from your bones due to its high protein (casein) content, so you need more of it to offset the calcium loss it creates. Eating a whole-food plant-based diet means you need less calcium than the dietary recommendations, which were heavily influenced by the dairy industry in their attempt to increase our dairy intake (and their corporate profits).

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