I accidentally ate meat or dairy, do I have to reset my vegan clock?

No. We live in a meat-eater’s world so it’s challenging to avoid all non-vegan things.

If you eat out a lot, it’s easy to accidentally eat meat or dairy. Amelia likes to call this “the meat sneak.” Restaurants put meat, dairy or eggs into things that don’t need them, and conveniently leave it off the menu.

At a business lunch, Amelia ordered what she thought was a vegetarian salad without the cheese. After taking a few bites, she realize the strange shaped objects mixed in with the salad were little pieces of processed meat. She did her best to pick the rest out, but it wasn’t easy.

At another business meeting, someone brought toffee, which Amelia loves. After eating a piece, she found out it was made with bacon bits inside.

Meat, dairy and eggs are everywhere, as well as animal products used in clothing, and beauty products tested on animals. It’s impossible to escape. Just do your best and if something sneaks by, complain about it, educate the vendor, and move on. You don’t need to reset your vegan clock.

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