Why do I need your plant based meal plan? Can’t I do it myself?

You most certainly can do it yourself.

However, the plant based diet can be difficult to transition to correctly, especially if you’ve never cooked without animal products before. Many people fall into a rut and eat the same things over and over with very little variety. Sometimes they’re afraid to try new recipes so they stick with the old tried and true, or they don’t plan ahead so when they go to the grocery store they don’t get everything they need to cook healthy vegan recipes.

The key to a delicious plant based diet is to eat a variety of different things each day, and we make that easy with our plant based meal plan. We do all the thought and research for you so you can spend your time with your family or doing some other rewarding activity.

And by planning out the week ahead of time, you’ll eat a much wider range of foods, and you’ll have a grocery list with everything on it so you won’t forget key ingredients at the store.

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