We make eating a vegan diet easy with weekly vegan meal plans.

Save time. Save money. Avoid frustration. With a 100% plant based weekly vegan meal plan, recipes and shopping lists.

You don’t have to struggle with your plant-based cooking. Please, let us help you.

Each week, we spend hours of our time finding, creating and testing delicious vegan recipes that are easy to make and don’t require obscure ingredients that are expensive to buy or impossible to find. And all of our vegan recipes can be made with standard kitchen equipment so you won’t need to buy anything special to cook for a vegan meal plan.

We love doing this and we’re excited to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. We take all the guesswork out of your vegan cooking by putting together a delicious vegan meal plan each week with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts.

Then we combine all of the vegan meal plan recipes into a grocery shopping list that you can edit, print or take with you on your mobile phone. It really couldn’t be any easier. And you’ll be shocked at the variety of fresh flavors and textures you’ll eat on a plant based vegan diet.

We’ve made our weekly vegan meal plan as simple as your decision to switch to a vegan diet.

Tofu Scramble
Oil Free Vegan Brownies

The average person eating a vegan diet
saves 2,700 gallons of water each day
compared to omnivores.

Here’s how our weekly vegan meal plan and recipes can improve your life:

  • You won’t get stuck in a rut cooking the same old things every week
  • Your shopping list will take seconds to prepare and you won’t forget key ingredients at the store
  • You’ll eat a more balanced, whole-food, plant-based vegan diet with a wider variety of foods
  • You’ll cook new, easy and fun recipes that you normally wouldn’t
  • You won’t waste ingredients on untested recipes (we’ve tested some that are really bad)
  • You’ll make better use of ingredients by cooking different meals that use the same ingredients
  • You’ll save hours each month that you can spend with your family or doing more important things

Weekly Vegan Meal Plan, Recipes, Customizable Meal Planner & Shopping List


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We’ll reveal the secrets we’ve learned about how to eat a high-variety, fresh and delicious vegan diet.


A healthy vegan diet has lots of variety and color. We’ll make sure you don’t eat the same thing every day by introducing you to new and tasty dishes with each vegan meal plan.


Many recipes make more servings than you’ll need at one meal so you’ll have plenty of leftovers to eat during the week. Our weekly vegan meal plan helps you mix-and-match so you’re not eating the same meals, even if you’re eating some of the same dishes. Leftovers are a huge time-saver for your busy schedule.


Having a party Friday night? Is the family coming over for Sunday dinner? We’ll share recipes that everyone will love, and you can adjust the serving size on our vegan meal plan or you can create your own vegan meal plan so you’re sure to buy enough supplies when you go to the store.

Eating a delicious plant-based diet has never been this easy.

You’ll love the variety of tastes, textures and flavors so much that you’ll be excited to see what’s on next week’s meal plan.



There are several vegan meal plan services to choose from now, but ours is a little different than most. We feel the other services try to go too far, too fast. Our vegan meal plans are designed to help you easily transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) or a heavy animal protein diet to a healthy plant-based diet.

Like the other vegan meal plan services, we don’t include any animal products in our recipes. That means no meat, eggs or dairy of any kind. However, most other services also eliminate oil, sugar and salt from their recipes. That’s a great goal to strive for, but it makes switching from your old diet extremely difficult.

Our recipes reduce or eliminate oil, sugar and salt, but not if doing so will destroy the flavor of the dish. For example, you can sauté with vegetable broth instead of oil without sacrificing flavor, but you can’t bake delicious chocolate chip cookies without oil or they come out hard as a rock and flavorless.

If you have high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to reduce your salt intake as much as possible. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, it’s a good idea to reduce your added sugar and saturated fat as much as possible.

But if you’re trying to switch from the SAD diet to a plant-based vegan diet, it’ll be a lot easier if your recipes taste delicious. That’s why we think our plans are easier for typical people who want to eat a healthier, more ethical and environmentally friendly diet.


Our vegan meal plan is not designed to be a weight loss program, but most people lose weight eating a plant based diet.

Because fruits and veggies are high in fiber while meat, dairy and eggs have none, you’ll feel fuller. You’ll also have more energy because the foods are packed with healthy nutrients so you’ll feel like being more active, which burns more calories.

We try to avoid added sugars as much as possible, but sometimes they sneak through in packaged ingredients. If you’re trying to lose weight, we provide alternatives to anti-weight loss ingredients, like using spaghetti squash instead of pasta, lettuce wraps instead of bread or tortillas, and making your own sauces instead of buying the sugar-added packaged versions. You can modify just about any recipe to fit your diet plan, or completely swap out a recipe on the vegan meal plan if it’s too far off the rails for you.

Our goal at LottaVeg is to get as many people to eat plant based meals as possible. That means we need our recipes to taste delicious and mimic some of the foods we ate as omnivores.

Eating a vegan diet is about being healthier, saving animals and saving the environment. That doesn’t exclude delicious meals and desserts. The better the food tastes, the more people will give the plant based vegan diet a shot.


Once you signup and activate your membership, you’ll have access to this week’s, next week’s and last week’s vegan meal plan in the member’s section right away. You can go to the grocery store tonight and start cooking your delicious new vegan recipes tomorrow.

We post the new weekly vegan meal plan on Saturday. Our weekly vegan meal plan is designed to start on Sunday and end on Saturday, but you can copy it to your personal meal planner and start on any day you wish.


We’ll do our best to make sure you have a variety of food options with different nutritional values so you get a balanced vegan diet. Each recipe has nutritional facts and each day’s meals are totaled up so you can see how you’re doing.

Getting enough protein should not be a problem if you eat enough calories. If you want more calcium, you can remedy that with a glass of calcium fortified nondairy milk.

We don’t have control over what you eat, how much you eat or the quality of your ingredients so we can’t promise you’ll get all the nutrients you need. We will make it a lot easier for you to figure out how many nutrients you’re getting, though. And you can use that knowledge to make better decisions about your plant based vegan diet.

It’s also a good idea to get your blood work done regularly to make sure you’re not low on anything, especially iron, D3 and B12.

If you’re suffering from any health issues that require medication, please consult your doctor before switching to a plant-based diet. Many people report that their health improves so rapidly that their medications work too well so they need to taper back on them. This is especially true for Type II diabetics on insulin.


If you’re hungry on a plant based diet and our vegan meal plan, you’re doing it wrong. Because most plant based foods have far fewer calories than their animal counterparts, you may have a hard time getting enough calories even though you feel full.

Of course, if you eat high calorie snacks and beans at every meal, you might consume too many calories, especially if you don’t do any exercise to burn them off. That’s why it’s so important to eat a high-variety diet with lots of different plant based foods and a wide variety of colors. With our vegan meal plan, we make that easy for you.


We offer two meal plans: a Simple Meal Plan with recipes for lunch and dinner, and a Full Meal Plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert.

Desserts are often part of a healthy plant based diet because they contain healthy ingredients like fruit, and they don’t contain unhealthy ingredients that are terrible for you, like cream or eggs. You can even substitute gluten-free flour to make it easier on your tummy if you have gluten issues.

Each weekly vegan full meal plan will contain desserts, most with leftovers that you can enjoy throughout the week. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can skip the desserts.


“Amelia and JP have changed my life. They have convinced me eating a plant-based diet is healthier, and that being vegan does NOT mean a diet of bland, tasteless food. Imagine the surprise of my non-vegan family and friends when they were told the lasagna they had eaten was vegan! The same was true of the pancakes, scrambled tofu, and the chocolate chip cookies!

I wholeheartedly recommend LottaVeg! It is a great website full of scrumptious recipes with videos as a guide and I love their meal plans! Thank you!”

Janefrom Ft. Wayne Indiana

“I love how easy the meal plans make my life. Meal planning is such a pain that I rarely do it. I just throw stuff together at the last minute, and it’s not always the healthiest food. Having my meals planned ahead of time with a shopping list to go with it makes my life so much easier! It not only saves me time, but I also eat a healthier vegan diet!”

Carolinefrom Denver Colorado

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